Dr. Kenneth Jay holds a Master's degree in exercise physiology with a specialty in cardiovascular function and a PhD in Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics. He is a researcher based in Denmark and an adjunct professor of Human Performance and Clinical Biomechanics at the Carrick Institute in Orlando, Florida. With +20 years of experience in the fitness industry and more than a decade of consulting experience for international and Olympic level athletes, Kenneth Jay has instructed a coached some of the best. In 2014 Kenneth Jay authored the Cardio Code book and created the [cardio]CODE and [kinetic]CODE certification courses. With a deep interest in the the link between the body and brain, Kenneth Jay is specialized  in a neuro-physio-biomechanical approach to health and performance enhancement.




The heart is the most important muscle in the body yet it is probably also the most overlooked in training. Cardiovascular training (i.e. running, rowing, cycling, cross-country skiing, Versaclimbing) uses the highest amount of calories  of all activities. Most people overestimate the amount of energy used when lifting weights or attending a TRX or kettlebell class and many are taught that cardiovascular training is inferior to lifting weights when it comes to burning calories. This could not be father from the truth! Not only is real cardio (not lifting weights fast) superior in energy expenditure but it will do more good for your heart function than any other activity. Further, if you chose rowing as your go-to cardio you will also build a significant amount of muscle as rowing activates more than 80% of your total body muscle mass.

The [cardio]CODE certification created by Kenneth Jay is the pinnacle of  sports science - easily understood and immediately applied. With the [cardio]CODE credentials you will LEARN, GROW and ADVANCE in front of the competition.

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'Movement' training is the big thing these days in the fitness industry. Rehabilitation exercises, mobility and stability training, movement screening and gait analysis. All of it has the purpose of getting you to move better. But what does it actually mean 'to move better'  and does these things accomplish that? In order to actually 'move better' we must first define what that better movement is. 'Better movement' is in the [kinetic]CODE methodology defined as:

"Increasing ones ability to perceive, process and act to external stimuli coming from the environment with increased efficiency and effortless power"

Coming from a perspective of physics and neuro-biomechanics 'better movement' as per the above definition, is achieved by understanding physics, how the brain codes movement based on incoming information and developing the appropriate structure to carry out the movement commands from the brain.

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Dr. Kenneth Jay is a PhD and not a medical doctor. He is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury that may occur through following the information on this website, www.cardiocode.dk, www.kineticcode.dk or any of the social media outlets linked at the bottom of this page. The activities, physical and otherwise, described are for informational purposes only and may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people. Always consult your physician in matters regarding your health and before starting an exercise routine.

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